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Red Queen / / Victoria Aveyard

r a t i n g

 4.9 out of 5 stars

m u s i c

Gold” – Imagine Dragons

YA fantasy novel


about the angels and gods that lived in the sky,
ruling the earth with kind and loving hands.
Some say those are just stories,
but I don’t believe that.

The gods rule us still.
They have come down from the stars.


-excerpt from Red Queen, Victoria Aveyard

This book has spread faster than ebola; when the book first came out, every time I checked my Instagram, people were ranting about the notorious “Red Queen” and its story, and how this book tored them apart to the point that they were sobbing on the floor. This book has risen to the top charts of the New York’s Bestsellers within weeks of its release, and I couldn’t resist not jumping into the bandwagon. Six hours after buying this book and 10:30pm at night, I can assure you, I was indeed on my bedroom floor in a heaping mess, crying why I have to wait another year for the sequel. Now, nearly nine months later, I present to you my thoughts of Red Queen, written by Victoria Averyard.

In other words, this book destroyed me (in a good way, that is).

Red Queen is story of the rich and the poor. In this divided society, the “Reds” are the dirt beneath the “Silvers’” feet. The Reds have red blood; they do all the menial labor and struggle to provide for themselves and their families. The Silvers (and yes, they bleed silver blood) are cloaked with an aura of power and a don’t-mess-with-me-or-I’ll-kill-you-with-a-wave-of-my-hand attitude. Silvers have supernatural powers such as superhuman strength, controlling precious metals (Hazel Levesque style*), telekinesis, or evening whispering commands into your mind. They are the gods of this world, and anyone who upsets them in the slightest ways are automatically exterminated.

This story follows Mare Barrow, a Red who has no trade and is about to be drafted to fight in the century-long war. All three of her older brothers had already went to fight, and all is left is her careworn mother, a disabled father, and a petite little sister who is the main provider for the family. Mare hates the Silvers with all of her heart that is left; if at the chance, she would tear them down from their glorious thrones up above. Suddenly, after a finding a job as a lowly servant for the king, she accidentally interrupts a ceremony with a spectacular display of her newfound abilities: lightning. Yes, my fellow readers, Mare can control lightning, but can we note that she’s a Red?

Mare gets whipped into the game of power as the king and queen cover up her scandalous secret. Now, she is Mareena Titanos, the long lost princess of the prestigious House Titanos. Yanked from the villages into the palaces of her enemies, Mare’s life changes drastically as she trains to control her powers and discover what and who she really is. Add two handsome princes (one of whom she is betrothed to) into the mix and some plot twists and you have a fine 300-page story to unravel. This is a game in which anyone can betray anyone, and no one comes out unscathed.

Mare Barrow is the type of female character I love; she’s strong, a tad bit feisty, and she has her flaws. Even though the mistakes she makes may frustrate you to no end, the change and development she goes through is lovely. Everyday, she has to be “painted” on with silverish foundation so no one can tell she has red blood flowing through her veins. Deep down, you’d know Mare hates being concealed and playing a part that isn’t really hers to play.

After all, she is nothing but a pawn in a much bigger game.

I love the story within itself; it was perfectly stitched together with the right sequences and the right words. Plot twists, love triangles, betrayals, and heartache; Red Queen has it all.  Victoria Aveyard is one of the best debut authors I’ve read this year. The highly anticipated sequel Glass Sword is due to come out next year.  If you haven’t picked it up by now, it’s not too late to jump the bandwagon.


love, linh

*Heroes of Olympus references anyone? No? Okay.


7 thoughts on “red queen: book review

  1. I totally agree with you although I gave it 4.5/5 just because I had some minor issues with the protagonist. All by all this was one of my favourite reads in 2015!


    1. thanks for reading my review! and my only problem was the lack of world building, but I’ve heard Victoria Aveyard did that for a reason, so I have high hopes for the next book.


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