why I like lending out books : unpopular opinions


To any bookworm or book collector, letting someone borrow your book is like giving your own child to a stranger.  The time that book is gone from your shelf is oh-so-evident; you see that little hole everyday as you walk past, or the left-behind book jacket collecting dust without its partner.  If you ever see the person with the book, you mentally go through a book evaluation: is the spine in good condition?  Is the cover still it’s original color?  Is that person really dog-earring a page RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME?!  Again, the most troublesome worries of a bookworm, and yet we just can’t deny lending out a book.  I, personally, love lending out books, unlike others.  And here’s why.

First off, it’s important to note that I only lend books to people who I know that are going to ACTUALLY READ THE BOOK.  What’s the point of sharing if it’s going to rot in their backpacks for weeks on end?  Goodness gracious.  Anyways, I lend out books because that’s what they’re meant for; to be read.  If they’re going to sit pretty on my shelves for forever, what’s the point?  I want others to be able to enjoy the story as much as I do.  I understand that some people like their books to be looking untouched and in tip-top condition.  I really don’t care as long as the book is still in good condition where I can open it up and read it without cringing at rips and stains.  Getting that book handed back to me a little more loved, the spine a little more broken in, and knowing someone gasped and laughed and cried while reading this exact copy reminds me of an imprint.  They left a mark on the book, and the book left a mark on them.

Now, don’t get “a little more loved” confused with “ruined.”  Yes, I have had someone ruin my book.  It was a hardcover edition of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.  I swear, backpacks are the death traps of books; the person claimed that “they didn’t know how it happened” and that they’d “pay me back,” yada yada yada.   The binding was split completely, and pages were falling out left and right.  My heart weeped.  The person clearly didn’t “love” the book at all.  Her attitude was uncaring towards the thought, and I could tell she never truly read it.  That person is blacklisted from my lending list, by the way.  I’ve grown more careful on who I lend to.

A huge tip is to leave the dust jacket off if you’re going to let someone borrow a hardcover. Leaving it with them is the opening to the possibility of it being torn and crinkled.  Only lend paperbacks to someone you trust (they get beat up much more easily), and tell them whether they can break the spine or not.  If your biggest fear is dog-ears, give them a bookmark with the book and tell them to use it.  Give them the warning if they deform the book, they pay.

However, when you see that the person truly had a wonderful experience reading that novel, your heart soars a little bit. Especially if you’ve read the book, you have a new friend to fangirl with. The fact that you were the reason they read the book puts a little bit of positive pride in your chest.  That, ladies and gentlemen, is why I love lending books.

Tell me your thoughts below!  I’m open to discussion.

Until next time,

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15 thoughts on “why I like lending out books : unpopular opinions

  1. I only like lending out my books to people I trust as well!! There’s one friend of mine which we pretty much share our bookcase with one another and we always make sure to give the books back in perfect condition. I have lent books out to other people and had to wait like 8 months to get it back and it be ruined. So yeah I’m the same as you, I’m careful with who I give my books to but overall I like sharing them! Knowing someone (maybe even someone who doesn’t read that often) is loving a book I love and we can have that mutual bond over that book!

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    1. That’s awesome that you and your friend have a system! It’s very clever. I’m pretty much the book supplier to all my friends, though, and luckily they know me well enough to take care of my books. ❤

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      1. My twin sister doesn’t really read but ever now and then she’ll borrow a book off me but she is the ABSOLUTE WORST! Our whole lives she has known I need my books perfect and she still brings them back ripped, water stained, dog eared. I’ve pretty much banned her from borrowing my books haha!

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    1. NO WAY WE’RE PRACTICALLY THE SAME. I love writing unpopular opinions posts; they’re so easy to rant about! At the same time, I feel like I might be bashed for it, so it’s awesome that you agree haha


  2. Omg this post is so accurate it hurts!! I have a few series that are now not completed because of people who have ‘lost’ my books but your opinion on book lending is exactly the same as mine!!!

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  3. This is such a beautiful post, and I completely agree with you. Lending out books is great because the other person gets to share the experience that you’ve had and you can rave together about it – as long as the book isn’t ruined when you get it back. It’s like lending out a pencil. You want it back a little blunter at the tip but you don’t want it back snapped in half. If somebody asks me for a book, then chances are they’ll actually want it. I’ve never really come across anybody who has asked for a book and then never returned it or never wanted to read it. Thank you so much for this amazing post!

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  4. I completely agree! I find that lending books to the wrong people can be really scary, but to people you know are going to really enjoy it, it’s almost like being able to spread happiness to them (with the added bonus of having an obvious conversation starter with them later on). I love this post so much keep it going both your blog and your instagram are both so motivational for someone like me who’s just starting out in this bookish world! ❤

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    1. Your comment made me smile; I’m so happy you enjoyed my post, and my blog and Instagram! It makes my heart flutter when I know I’ve inspired someone. Do you have an Instagram I can check you out on?


  5. I agree! I remember one time I lent my Divergent book to one of my sister’s friend to read for school. She kept that book for almost a whole year! When I got it back I saw a dog-eared that was barely on page 30! I can tell she got bored of the book already, but I wished she gave it back instead of keeping the book in her backpack for a whole year. I thought she was going to love the book like I did, but I guessed wrong ):.

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    1. AHHHHH I FEEL SO BAD FOR THAT BOOK AND YOU!!! Let’s pray that something like that never happens again! Thanks for reading and commenting, hun!


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