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Music is something that has always come easy to me.  I’m not too picky on what I listen to (unless it’s country music…sorry to all the “Luke Bryan” fans out there), so I love having music as a partner while reading and writing.  It’s like a white noise that cancels out all of the distractions of the world and allows you to zoom in and focus on what you’re doing.  To me, music and books go hand in hand to create an even more unforgettable reading experience.  I also play guitar, piano, and sing; so you can say music has always been in my life, constantly moving to a steady beat around me.  I remember the memories that a song holds.  I remember my mom tuning into the classic rock/oldies station and listening to her hum along.  I want to share music with everyone, even though I may not be the best at it.  Here are some of the artists that I listen to while reading and a few songs I’ve had on repeat lately.


george ezra – soothing, husky, bass voice accompanied by guitar.  well-known for “Budapest,” but the rest of his album Wanted on Voyage is just as glorious.  also, British accent is on point.

favorite songs:  “Drawing Board,” “Barcelona,” and “Listen to the Man.”



ed sheeran – at times raspy, flowing voice paired with an acoustic guitar.  heartbreakingly beautiful music sung with much feeling.  and yes, he’s also British – apparently British men who can sing are very popular.

favorite songs: “Take It Back,” “Photograph,” and “Small Bump.”



the lumineers – possibly the only country band I’d ever listen to.  love their arrangements and vocals.  their music dances in the background, there but not noticeable enough to bother you, kind of like music you’d hear at a wedding.

favorite songs: “Stubborn Love” and “Ho Hey.”



mumford and sons – alternative, also British (you see that British trend yet?) and such beautiful accompaniments.  the vocals are raspy and moving.  reminds me of warm nights under the stars, cuddled in blankets.

favorite songs: Believe” and “I Will Wait.”


Troye_Sivan_-_Blue_Neighbourhoodtroye sivan – if you follow me on Instagram, you’d know how much I’m in love with this dude.  Australian, smooth voice that is very different than many I’ve heard before.  a little more on the pop-music side, dancing the line with alternative.  lyrics are the bomb dot com.

favorite songs: Blue,” “Youth,” and “SUBURBIA.”

other artists I love and adore

  • sam smith (legend)
  • halsey (alternative sound)
  • taylor swift (the QUEEN)
  • adele (also the queen)

on repeat

track one / /  “Castle” by Halsey

track two / /  “Blue” by Troye Sivan ft. Alex Hope

track three / /  “Hands To Myself” by Selena Gomez

track four / /  “New Romantics” by Taylor Swift

track five / /  “Gone Gone Gone” by Phillip Phillips

track six / /  “Water” by Pentatonix

track seven / /  “Rhythm of Love” by Plain White Ts

track eight / /  “On My Own” from Les Miserables (motion picture)

track nine / /  “Stubborn Love” by The Lumineers

track ten / /  “Gold” by Imagine Dragons

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12 thoughts on “what to listen to while reading

  1. “Hands To Myself” is a DELIGHTFULLY good song! And can we just talk about the lyrics to “New Romantics”? I would quote my favorites but that would be me typing out the entire song! Halsey – amazing voice and the way she executes her lyrics is just kind of brash and raw and flawless!
    I like your music taste, but it’s missing one thing:
    LANA DEL REY. (okay so personal favorite – SHE IS THE ABSOLUTE QUEEN. raspy, deep, sultry vocals? lyrics sung in a fabulously stoned-sounding voice? why YES thank you very much!)


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