updating you with linh’s currently very sucky life!

WARNING: The following documentation is a rant full of blunt, unkind, unreasonably sarcastic descriptions.  Viewer discretion is advised.

SOOOOO…I haven’t written, posted, or done anything for this blog and my Instagram in nearly three weeks.  No, it’s not because I haven’t been feeling the vibe of continuing, but rather many obstacles have been thrown in my face in life.  If I sound anything like a rabid girl PMSing in this post, please do overlook that as judgement for my character.  I assure you I am a very decent, kind person, but I’ve just had rough times.  I understand that there are many other struggles people face that are no doubt much more difficult than mine.  This is just a rant to let go of all of that negative energy.

Problem number one: I’m sick.  I have been sick, and I just got sick again.  The first time, it wasn’t so bad, common cold, blah, got over it in two-ish days.  Four days ago, I got legitimately sick, and it only progressed on from that.  I have a sore throat sent from the devil himself, and my voice is GONE.  COMPLETELY GONNNEEE.  Mind you, this wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t love to sing and I didn’t have two choir concerts next week.  BUT I DO.  I cannot speak a phrase without my voice cracking, and if I do, I sound like a dying cat.  I can’t eat anything without hurting my throat, even soup and water.  I’ve tried so many methods, aka saltwater gargling, going to the doctor, drinking warm fluids, etc., etc., and I have gotten so much worse.  Now, in present time, I am on medication that just has had no effect so far whatsoever.

Problem number two: Meeting Leigh Bardugo and Colleen Houck.  GUESS WHAT?  I couldn’t go to the author events this Friday for multiple reasons you can imagine of yourself.

Problem number three: School.  School isn’t hard for me, but doing make-up work while being sick?  Ahem, I think not.  Usually, I have such a positive outlook on everything, but the amount of times I’ve broken down this week has been crazy.  You can say I’m stressed.  I’m not behind enough in my classes to affect my GPA.  At this rate, however, it will.

Problem number four: I’m busy.  Like cray.  Piano, choir, church functions, school, drawing, reading, singing, trying to get better, chores; AHHHHH CAN YOU FEEL MY PAIN.

I’m done.  For those who read this entire thing, thank you.  I appreciate it.  Once I get my voice back, I’ll (hopefully) be able to present some new posts to you guys.  Thanks for understanding.


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8 thoughts on “updating you with linh’s currently very sucky life!

  1. Piano, choir, church, school, reading, singing, drawing, I FEEL ALL OF YOUR PAIN. (And I’m Asian too!) Honestly, piano is being a b*tch. I have CM exams (basically the statewide merit exams) in like 2 weeks and I’m BARELY memorizing. *face palm* I FEEL YOUR PAIN. (though I don’t have a cold)


  2. OMG!!! I’m sending you good vibes!! I understand what you mean! A lot of things have been happening and it’s all gets a little too much! I put a lot of pressure (I mean a lot of pressure) on myself!! I’m always here if you need and I’m glad you’re getting better from being sick


  3. AWW I hope you’re feeling better! Don’t worry about posting! We can wait till you’re all better! Good luck with everything you need to catch up on and hopefully your teachers will go a bit easier on you!


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