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books I can’t wait for

Let’s admit it…we’ve all thrown fits over the release date of books…


Bookworms have the real struggle in life: patience.  We want things now, and when we say now, we mean now.  Without the Time-Turner however, I have to wait patiently for over a year to read the next installment of a series.  Here are some of the books I am still patiently (oh, so patiently) waiting for.

1) Lord of Shadows, Cassandra ClareClare

If you’re a Shadowhunters fan, this one is as obvious as the elephant in the room.  After the heart-twisting ending and multiple cliffhangers of Lady Midnight (a link to my review here), you can say that Spring 2017 is much too far away.  Cassandra Clare’s writing is like crack for me; it’s absolutely addicting and I can’t ever get enough of it!  I’ve grown quite attached to the characters as well, and the abrupt, unsatisfying ending was…well, expected, but I still wasn’t prepared for it, okay?  April 2017 couldn’t come any sooner.

2) Crooked Kingdom, Leigh Bardugo23437156.jpg22299763

KAZ BREKKER.  Leigh Bardugo is one of my favorite authors; her writing is impeccable, and her characters are as charming and witty as they come (swoon!).  Forget the Grisha Trilogy; Six of Crows tops her previous works for me by far.  I want more of the Dregs and Kaz Brekker.  I want to see the gang beat the smug faces off of their enemies.  I want more heartbreaking plot twists and butt-kickery.  And this comes out on September 27, one day after my birthday, which can only mean that it’s meant to beeeee!



3) Forever and Always, Lara Jean, Jenny Han

Lara Jean is one of my favorite female characters, and having one more book with her and the fam bam couldn’t be less delightful!  It would also mean that John Ambrose McClaren (aka one of my many fictional boyfriends) has a shot on winning her hand; I know everyone loves Peter, but Peter was so inconsistent in the last book, whereas John was always there for Lara Jean, so clearly, anyone with common sense would see the obvious choice.  Yet then, maybe I’m just a little bit biased (cough, #teammichael from Jane the Virgin, cough).  

4) A Court of Thorns and Roses #3, Sarah J. Maas

Nope, nothing to say here.  Except, if you’re from Bloomsbury publishing, it’d be nice of you to send me a review copy of ACOTAR #3.  Also, if you haven’t read a Sarah J. Maas book, please pick one up somewhere in the near future.  I can guarantee to you it’d be life-changing.  #TeamRhysand

290560835) Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, J.K. Rowling 

Guys.  A new Harry Potter story.  I don’t even care that it’s a script and not an actual book; HARRY POTTER LIVES ON.  In case you didn’t know, The Cursed Child is a play that’s due to premiere July 30 in London (if this wins a Tony, I’d die happy), and the script itself hits the shelves on July 31.  If that date isn’t familiar to you, what type of Pottered doesn’t know Harry’s birthday?  The story features Harry in a mild mid-life crisis and his youngest son Albus as he struggles to live up to the Potter name.  Rowling hints that the story will be sad, but either way, I’m ready to dive back into the Wizarding World that I’ve lived in for six years.


That’s a wrap, guys!  Thank you for reading, as always.  What are some books you’re dying to get your hands on?  And also, have you ever anticipated a book and been disappointed?  Tell me in the doobly-doo below!


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2 thoughts on “books I can’t wait for

  1. I’m crazy excited for A Million Worlds With You. It’s the third and final book in the Firebird trilogy and it comes out in November. The series is my life and while I really want to know how it ends, I don’t want it to actually end! Ugh, the struggle.

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    1. YES YES i mean i haven’t read the Firebird trilogy but I feel that same way at the moment for The Midnight Star by Marie Lu. I’ll definitely check it out, though! I’m in desperate need for some new reads. 🙂

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