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the ups and downs of love triangles

Let’s be real for a moment: we all love ourselves a good love triangle.  Whether it’s in TV shows (Jane the Virgin), movies (too many to name), or books (The Infernal Devices, Shatter Me, Throne of Glass, etc.), the drama and fandom of these mediums with love triangles get us going.  We love rooting for our side of the team, and is a great motivation that keeps us watching/reading eagerly to see who ends up with whom.  Then there’s love squares, pentagons, and hexagons, but we won’t be discussing those today.  But, of course, some people just make love triangles extremely annoying.  Here are my pros and cons of your typical love triangle.

*note: I’m mainly assuming the two romantic interests are both male since the majority of love triangles consist of this cliche.  and there’s a lot of stereotypes.  you have been warned.

number #1 – The Alpha Male

P R O: He’s hot.  He knows he’s hot.  He’s arrogant.  He’s witty.  He makes swoon-worthy sacrifices for his true love that just melts your heart.

example – Will Herondale from The Infernal Devies

C O N : He’s a jerk, yet the other guy is a perfectly good person, and yet the main character keeps going back to him.  WHERE IS YOUR SELF-RESPECT WOMAN?  Also, sometimes it’s blatantly obvious that he gets the girl anyways, so what’s the point of having a love triangle in the first place (cough, Reign, cough cough)?

example – N/A (name some in the comments!)

number #2 – The Nice Guy

P R O : He’s nice, and he treats the main character with respect.  Compassionate, loving, and caring.  Always there when you need him.

example – John Ambrose McClaren from P.S. I Still Love You

C O N : He never stands a chance 99% of the time, or turns out to be a pervert.  😦  What a pity.

example – Michael from Jane the Virgin (as of the middle of season two)

number #3 – “Telenovela” Drama

P R O : Fast-paced, keeps the story interesting and flowing, and gives you the feels.  Creates plot twists you never see coming.  Motivates you to keep reading/watching.  Makes you question many important things, like “Who should I ship?” and “Is he really the right guy?”

example – Jane the Virgin

C O N : Drama is dragged out too long; gets lengthy and repetitive.  Same mistakes keep being made, and pushes away any chances before love can be ignited.  Three seasons/four books later, and the main character still hasn’t chosen someone or eliminated a choice.  MAKE UP YOUR MIND.

example – The Summer I Turned Pretty Series by Jenny Han 

number #4 – The Feels

P R O : Gives you that butterfly-feeling in your stomach when the main character has cute moments with your ship.

C O N : Makes you sob in public and people start staring at you.

number #5 – The Arguments with Friends

P R O : You have healthy discussion on why your team is the better choice, and opens your mind to new perspectives.

C O N : You argue and you aren’t friends anymore.

number #6 – That Moment When She Chooses “the One”

P R O : You’re happy to see that your couple is finally together, or you’ve been converted to the other side.  The season/movie/series ends with a honeymoon and  a flash-forward of them living in a cute suburban house with white trim with four kids.

C O N : Your ship is sunk.  What is the point of liffffeeeee.  *cries tears of sorrow*

What is the most well-written love triangle you’ve ever read?  This one is a no-brainer for me and ultimately goes to The Infernal Devices.  I also love Jane the Virgin (as you can tell) and if you haven’t watched it yet, WATCH IT.  It’s one of my favorite TV shows of all time and takes telenovelas to a whole new level, and the entire concept is gosh-darn hilarious and addictive.  For those of you who have watched it, SEASON TWO FINALE.   oh MY CHEESE.  my heart was torn apart y’all.  Now for waiting six months for season three to begin…

Until next time,

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