2016 summer bucket list

Summer is so close, I can I almost taste the ocean’s breeze and smell the onslaught of sunblock my dad’s going to make me wear.   My middle school graduation is less than 15 days away, and the anticipation that has built up inside me is real.  Summer certainly is far from being my favorite season (which is autumn, by the way), but as a proud American, summer is a three-month break from schoolwork, waking up early, and dealing with people you don’t want to be around.  It is a three-month break of where anything and everything and the unexpected could happen.  Well, at least in a summer-romance novel; in my life, also known as reality, summer is really slow and unproductive, especially the last few where we haven’t taken any big family vacations.  This year, however, is the Year of Linh Truong (not Donald Trump), and I’m going to make Summer 2k16 the best one yet.  Here’s all the stuff I plan on doing to (hopefully) make my break exciting and fun.

1) Read 75 books.


This is such an ambitious goal, but I know I can do it.  Summer is the real deal for me when it comes to reading; when you’re a bookworm and have as much time as me, diving into a story sounds like the ideal way to spend an uneventful day.

2) Go out and cycle once a week.


Where I live, there’s plenty of sidewalks and bike lanes to bike from one side of town to another, and everything is quite close by.  Typically, I would bike to my local library or to the movie theaters, but only once or twice a month.  Biking is always a good refresher, and it gets me off my bum and out of the house.

3) Meet a stranger, and then make them not a stranger.

This one is really random.  It pretty much means just meet someone new, and get to know them.

4) Eat a giant pickle and corn dog from Disneyland.


My fam bam is going to Southern California this summer (whoop whoop!) and I haven’t been to Disneyland since I was a wee little thing.  If you’re wondering why I want to eat a giant pickle, it’s mainly because Tyler Oakley gets one every time he goes and makes it seem like the pickle is heaven itself.  And I really like pickles.  And my friend told me the corn dogs were delish.

5) Go to Dairy Queen after 9pm.


For all you Dairy-Queen-deprived people out there, DQ is one of my foodie baes, and they have the best shakes out there.  I want to eat an Oreo Blizzard at dusk.  Sue me.

6) Make a wildflower bouquet.  Give it to someone.


I wanna go on a hike by the river, toss some pebbles, and pick as many pretty wildflowers I can.  Then, I’ll whip it up into a purdy bouquet and give it to someone to make their day.

7) Dance to music until midnight.

My only dance moves are the forklift and the awkward-bouncing-up-and-down, yet the idea of dancing until tomorrow kind of thrills me.  Why not?

8) Go tubing, you wimp.

I’ve never been tubing in my life, and I’ve heard nothing but fun survival stories from my friends who have.  It’s not that I’m afraid of water or getting thrown off; I’ve just never gotten around to doing it.

9) Go crazy on Fashion Island.


Fashion Island is a ginormous shopping outlet in California, and they have so many stores I want to visit that they don’t have where I live!  Urban Outfitters, Brandy Melville, Vineyard Vines, Nordstrom – I plan on doing the majority of my back to school shopping there.  Plus, somewhere in the Los Angeles area, they have a two-story Barnes and Noble I want to build a nest of books in.  My goal is for my wallet to be a bit lighter once I leave.

10) Stargaze.


Where I live, there’s little city-life and it’s more of a slow, lazy suburban area.  There’s not many trees, pollution, nor tall buildings, so the sky is clear and quite beautiful at night if you’re in the right location.  It’s peaceful and you’re simply in awe when you realize how big the universe is.

p.s. tell me if you like the drawings!  they’re coming back, and they’re here to stay. 😉

best of wishes,

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8 thoughts on “2016 summer bucket list

  1. The drawings are AMAZING and soooo cute! Your summer bucket list sounds like so much fun! I hope you get to do all these things (: also omg, how did I not know about fashion island?! xD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I loooove your drawings! *heart eyes* Plus your bucket list sounds super awesome! I really have to try the milkshakes over at DQ (though we don’t have them here in Aussie ><) my faves are the Oreo and Choco Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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