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me before you: movie review

For those of you who don’t know, I saw Me Before You the day after opening night…and I gotta say, it’s one of the best book-to-film adaptions I’ve seen in a while.  After the entire Shadowhunters TV incident (remember how horrified everyone was at the pilot?) and a failed The Fifth Wave screening, Me Before You was a pleasant ride of humorous laughs, people sniffling two rows above me, and staring dreamily at Sam Claflin’s face.  Here’s how I got my heart internally broken for the twice-time over.  (here’s a link to the trailer!)

linh’s adventures in the theaters

t-minus fifteen minutes before the movie:  “I can’t believe I’m seeing a chick-flick with you,” mumbles my dad.

t-minus five minutes before the movie:  wHat A new BRIDGET JONES  MOVIE?!?!?  whoa there!

five minutes into the movie:  how does emilia clarke look so good in that outfit? how?

half an hour into the movie: AHHH LOOK IT’S FINNICK!

one hour into the movie: hot baby tamales, Sam Claflin is looking’ good shaved…

one and a half hours into the movie: I know it’s coming…no…NO…

final scene: *holds in tears while theater is being filled with choruses of sniffles*

the actual review

  • This movie is a bipolar rollercoaster ride.  If you’ve read the book, you’d know what I’d mean.  You’re laughing, then crying, and then shoving popcorn furiously into your mouth.  So, no, this is not a “sad” movie.  Sure, it has it’s tear-jerking parts, but it’s balanced out by humor and Lou’s clashing-but-it-works outfits.
  • Jojo Moyes wrote the script, y’all.  This movie is as good as it gets to an adaptation.  It is very much true to the book!
  • The actors did such a spectacular job of capturing the characters’ personas and bringing them to life.  I love Lou’s family (they were perfectly portrayed), and Patrick was as douche-y as can be!  Lou and Will’s chemistry was beautiful.
  • There’s a scene where Will takes Emilia for a drive on his wheelchair.  That scene was perfect.
  • The ending was as horrifying as it was for me in the book.  Well, maybe not as much, but my heartstrings were being tugged.  Luckily, I didn’t cry, mainly because it’d be awkward with my dad sitting beside me.  This is no happily-ever-after movie, guys.  Just FYI.
  • The build-up of Lou and Will’s relationship wasn’t as gradual as I’d like it to be.  That’s an understandable quirk, however, since the movie had to be put into a certain time slot.
  • It is definitely worth it to read the book before watching the movie.  You have this connection with the characters and story, and it makes the entire film much more meaningful.
  • Did I mention Sam Claflin is really good looking?

Putting asides the actors’ faces, Me Before You is definitely a 9/10.  If you’re looking for a good movie to watch this weekend, go and watch this one!  Tell me your feelings below if you’ve seen the movie (no spoilers!).

Until next time,

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3 thoughts on “me before you: movie review

  1. YES YES YES EMILIA AND SAM ARE TOO GOOD LOOKING. I love that Jojo wrote the script, because then you know the adaptation is gonna stick to the same feeling we got while reading the book! I haven’t watched this movie yet, but I know my feelings are going to die and be crushed and shattered….. just how I wept for an hour after the book. I JUST KEEP THINKING REALLY SAD THINGS OKAY. Lovely review though! I’m so glad you liked this movie! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AH GO SEE IT GO SEE IT your heart will be torn apart but it’s totally worth it! I promise! (and yes why are emilia and sam so annoyingly jaw-dropping?! share some of the love over here! 😂)


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